BE-T-A Test

Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis by Prof. Vincent

The Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis  is a physical and  biochemical computerized measuring technique by which the so-called biological terrain of illnesses or substances can be identified and described.  The biological terrain is characterized with the help of three specifically targeted measurements, in which the pH, rH2 and R parameters of the blood, saliva and urine are determined:

  • blood values provide information about all immunological processes
  • saliva values give information about the digestion
  • urine values provide information about excretion processes

For you as the patient, the following questions will be answered:

  • Is my immune system able to stand up to toxic or poisonous strain?
  • Is my body and all its fluids still in a healthy terrain?
  • Does my organism perhaps need additional vital substances, anti-oxidants, or any vitamins, minerals, or enzymes?
  • How well am I currently able to defend myself against illnesses?
  • How strong is my performance potential?
  • Should I perhaps change any habits such as smoking, drinking, diet, sport, or stress?
  • Is my present age in line with the state of my present biological body or am I, biologically, really much older than I think I am?