Advanced BioCell Therapy

Disease Management with Cell Repair & Regeneration

Who we are

Naturheil Zentrum, Oliver Weiss  is a German Wellness clinic with its branches in Limburg, Germany and Cebu, Philippines with the focus on Holistic Medicine. Since 1994 we have been integrating new findings using biological medicine into our therapies in order to provide optimum and Holistic treatment to our patients.

In our clinics we offer a unique combination of modern diagnostics and personalized treatment concepts including our advanced BioCell therapy which utilizes self-healing powers (cell regeneration) to normalize the body processes that are out of balance during a disease. With our BioCell therapy a diseased organ can repair and regenerate itself and in the future fulfill this task again, it normalizes and regulates individual cells in the organ and finally the whole organism. 

Our goal is to find the cause of disease, to activate the self-healing powers and accompany our patients with biological therapies on their way to healing.

Holistic Therapy Packages

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Preventive Therapy

Immune therapy, detection & reduction of cancer cells

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Regenerative Therapy

Cell repair & regeneration, metabolism regulation

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Detoxification

Targets vital organs, cleansing from toxins, heavy metals and more

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Bio Cell Anti-Aging

Counteract premature aging in a natural way with Bio Cell therapy

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Inflammation

Rheumatism, Arthritis, Pain: Acute /Chronic and more

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Diabetes Management

Pre Diabetes, Diabetes Type I & II management

Holistic Medicine Wellness Clinic Weight Management

Boost Metabolism, Antioxidants, Diet Guidance

Medical BioLifting

Instant Skin Rejuvenation & Facial Lifting

Success Stories

Ricardo Castaneda- CEO Royale Business Club

Ricardo Castaneda

CEO- Philippines

Naturheil Zentrum, Oliver Weiss gave me an energized body! 

All my health concerns were addressed and now I can say that I am now in the peak of a perfect health condition.

Their unique health concepts are amazing and definitely recommended!

Bjørg Stenberg


Just 4 months after the treatment with Oliver Weiss´ clinic, my laboratory result has gone from 601 mil of circulating cancer cells to 0 (evaluated  independently through maintrac®  from Dr. U. Pachmann). Absolutely amazing! 

Their Holistic treatment approach together with preventive infusions against cancer cells with dietary modification have helped me regain my energy and health. Even my partner says I have become a new, better person!

Marco Gattinger

Marco Gattinger

Director for Investments- Germany

Through the Detoxification and Bio Anti-Aging therapy programs, my marathon time improved from 3.20 to 2.58 hours within half a year.

My lactate levels have been also enhanced. I am really thankful I have found Oliver Weiss!

Ernad Kasumovic

Ernad Kasumovic


On December 2017, I was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer that’s why we were looking for help . Since the therapy I started gaining weight. I used to weigh 92 kg then went down to 65 kg and through your therapy, I have gained 5-6 kilos. I feel much better: much more power, much more energy. I can really say I am doing well.

The tumor markers before treatment was 717 U/ml now it is at 8.7 U/ml after 6 months.  At this stage, it is as if my cancer never existed!

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Cebu, Philippines

Naturheil Zentrum

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