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Ricardo Castaneda- CEO Royale Business Club

I am now in the peak of a perfect health condition!

Naturheil Zentrum, Oliver Weiss gave me an energized body! 

All my health concerns were addressed and now I can say that I am now in the peak of a perfect health condition. 

Their unique health concepts are amazing and definitely recommended!

Ricardo Castaneda//CEO & Chairman of Royale Business Club- Philippines

"This is my story"

A diagnosis of cancer creates a great impact to any patient. This was exactly the experience of Norwegian Nutritionist Karin Hvoslef, but her choice of treatment and her journey was brave, thought-provoking and truly something to learn from. Meet Karin, 17 years after her first unforeseen confrontation with Breast Cancer—healthier and more knowledgeable than ever from her life experience.

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Karin Hvoslef// Norway

Ernad Kasumovic

The tumor markers have become much better...

On December 23, I was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer that’s why we were looking for help . Since the therapy I started gaining weight. I used to weight 92 kilos then went down to 65 kilos and through your therapy, I have gained 5-6 kilos. And I’ll gain more.  I feel much better, much more power, much more energy. I can really say I am doing well. 

The tumor markers before treatment was 717 U/ml now it is at 8.7 U/ml after 6 months.  At this stage, it is as if my cancer never existed!

Ernad Kasumovic// Germany

Marco Gattinger

My marathon time improved...

 Through the Detoxification and Bio Anti-Aging therapy programs, my marathon time improved from 3.20 to 2.58 hours within half a year.

My lactate levels have been also enhanced. I am really thankful I have found Oliver Weiss!

Marco Gattinger//Director for Investments- Germany

From 601 mil of circulating cancer cells to 0!

Just 4 months after the treatment with Oliver Weiss´ clinic, my laboratory result has gone from 601 mil of circulating cancer cells to 0 (evaluated  independently through maintrac®  from Dr. U. Pachmann). Absolutely amazing! 

Their Holistic treatment approach together with preventive infusions against cancer cells with dietary modification have helped me regain my energy and health. Even my partner says I have become a new, better person!

Bjørg Stenberg// Norway

Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss Patient Denis Kasumovic

It's as if the cancer never existed!


We started treatment with Oliver Weiss last April 2018.

As of September 2018, the tumor marker CA 19-9 result from my father is now at 8.7 U/ml, unbelievable!

The tumor marker result was over 700 before the treatment, 717 U/ml to be exact.

At this stage, it’s as if the cancer had never existed.

Mr. Weiss and his entire team are as good, competent and friendly...

My dad got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. In search of alternative cancer therapies, I came to the side of Mr. Weiss and his team through Google. Mr. Weiss took a lot of time during the first consultation and we agreed on a therapy. My dad has already completed about 60% of the therapy and is doing much better. He has regained weight, he can eat normally, has strength again and above all “joie de vivre” joy of life.

 I'm not really anyone who writes reviews on the internet often, but I took the time here because both Mr. Weiss and his entire team are as good, competent and friendly as I have not seen for a long time. Before the cancer diagnosis I was with my father 8 months on the way from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital. I can say with 100% that none was as friendly and capable as the team of Mr. Weiss. That's why I can recommend everyone to go for themselves.

Denis Kasumovic//  Germany

I'm so satisfied with the results and I highly recommend Naturheil Zentrum @ Weiss to friends surrounding me!

I'm always afraid of getting cancer because my family members all had cancer and passed away. Therefore I know I'm at the risk of getting cancer too.

In March 2019 I got the opportunity to fly to Germany Limburg to Naturheil Zentrum @ Weiss to experience their Advanced Bio Cell Therapy to reduce my risk of getting cancer.

After my Advanced bio cell anti-aging therapy, I felt so energized and the greatest improvement was my skin condition. Even my friends asked what I did to my skin, so smoothly and vibrant!

NHZ Blood Scan scan shows my cancer risk is no longer present after the therapy.

Alice Teo // Singapore