Health Presentation Success – Prevent & Manage Chronic Diseases, Naturally!

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES - Mr. Ricardo Castañeda and Mr. John Codilla were some of the satisfied patients who stood in front of the curious audience and gave their heart-warming success testimonials for Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss, a Holistic Wellness Clinic with branches in the Philippines and Germany. 

Ricardo Castañeda sharing his patient success testimonial on stage for Naturheil Zenrum Oliver Weiss Inc.

Ricardo Castañeda sharing his patient success testimonial on stage for Naturheil Zenrum Oliver Weiss Inc.

I am basically a skeptic. I don’t easily believe in what I see or hear…

I am now blank years old. I never tell my age and I am very energetic. I think this treatment gave me what my body needed. And most especially the stress by being able to work out in the gym again and being able to handle things well, mentally and physically.”

– Mr. Ricardo Castañeda from Manila, Philippines/Chairman Royale Business Club

Patient Success Story for Oliver Weiss Clinic

John Codilla happily sharing his journey to health and wellness with Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss

“In 2016 he (Oliver Weiss) gave me another treatment, this time for my Diabetes. My usual blood sugar levels during those times were almost around 400mg/dl. After just 3 weeks of continuous treatment when I checked my blood sugar level, it went down to 62 mg/dl. I am really satisfied with what happened to me. And that I am still able to face you (audience) today. I am really happy.” 

John Codilla, Lapu- Lapu City, Cebu

The distinctive Health Presentation was held at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu City last August 4, 2018 with the theme “Prevent, manage, reverse effects of chronic diseases, naturally”.  

The event was presented by the key speakers; Oliver Weiss (Medical Director) and Nicole Ann Sadaya (Medical Doctor). The free Health Presentation was sponsored by Naturheil Zentrum, Oliver Weiss Inc., a Holistic Wellness Clinic with more than 20 years of expertise in natural & biological medicine.

The goal of the event was to help create awareness on the alternative medicine approaches to early diagnosing diseases for prevention and in treating people with chronic diseases for the people of Cebu – creating opportunities for Filipinos to widen their treatment choices and health options especially through natural, holistic medicine. This one of a kind event was packed with an audience of various backgrounds, all curious to hear about the modern health advances from Germany being practiced in Oliver Weiss’ clinics.

Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss Key Speakers

Audience packed Health Presentation last August 4, 2018 at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu

Medical Director Oliver Weiss and Dr. Sadaya shared the following health advances during the successful event which are also used in their private clinics:

1.  NHZ Delta Scan – A whole body scan which is a great diagnostic tool for disease prevention as it helps to identify the factors which might lead to a disease long before the actual pathological condition develops. The NHZ Delta Scan can spot cancer cells at the smallest trace long before conventional medical tests like MRI can detect it. The whole body scan also displays environmental toxins, allergens, parasites, food incompatibilities and many more - for each and every examined organ.

2.  Advanced BioCell Therapy – a remarkable natural cell repair and intelligent regeneration therapy from Germany that allows chronic disease prevention and management. With the BioCell therapy, a diseased organ can repair and regenerate itself and in the future fulfill this task again, it normalizes and regulates individual cells in the organ and finally the whole organism.

The advanced BioCell therapy has been proven safe and effective to various patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Autoimmune diseases, Acute & chronic inflammatory diseases, Cancer (adjuvant), Anti-aging, Rheumatism, Arthritis and much more. This therapy from Europe has no known side effects and can be administered to children.

Dr Nicole Ann Sadaya - Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss

Key Speaker Dr. Nicole Ann Sadaya discussing the health wonders of the Advanced BioCell Therapy

3.  Holistic Therapy Packages – a unique concept of Holistic therapies to gain ultimate balance in your health and life

Aside from the Holistic Therapy Packages being offered, Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss – Clinics also offer Individualized Therapies according to the unique needs and health condition of their patients.

The advanced diagnostics and holistic therapies shared were just some of the unique natural & biological therapies offered in Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss, with German quality and management. All treatment procedures in the clinic are given by Registered Nurses under the close supervision of a Licensed Medical Doctor. Cebu clinic staffs were highly trained in Germany as well.

Oliver Weiss Heilpraktiker Limburg & Cebu

Key Speaker Oliver Weiss on stage sharing his natural medicine expertise to the curious audience

“Interesting to note how a western reporter found out that the best doctors in China have in majority-healthy patients because prevention is the key!

I wish we could carry this way of thinking to more people in Europe but in the Philippines, I think it’s good that more people are being open-minded when it comes to alternative medicine.”

– Excerpt from Oliver Weiss during his interview in Beijing, China 2018

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Due to the evening’s success, another free Health Presentation will be held next year at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu City. So mark your calendars for January 12, 2019 (Saturday) and join us for an evening of learning opportunities – a perfect event to include for your new year’s resolution to finally take control of your health and life!

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