NHZ Blood Scan

Whole Body Health Diagnostic Scan

Our revolutionary NHZ Blood Scan  diagnostic system helps us identify the factors which might lead to a disease long before the actual pathological condition develops. This European system was originally developed for astronautical applications but is now available for general use.

The NHZ Blood Scan can spot cancer cells at the smallest trace long before conventional medical tests can detect it. Aside from spotting cancer and other pathological diseases, the NHZ Blood Scan diagnostic system also displays environmental toxins, allergies, parasites, food incompatibilities and many more- for each and every examined organ.

Interested in the NHZ Blood Scan but no time to visit us?

No problem - our NHZ Blood Prick Kit can be ordered for easy home extraction.

NHZ Blood Scan Result

 Click each item to learn more:

Special Laboratory Parameters — a set of of parameters will be shown in the result

Microbiology — the patient's blood will be tested for the presence of more than 100 microorganisms

Allergens — the patient's blood will be tested for the presence of more than 450 allergens

Toxicology/Environmental Pollution — more than 300 environmental impacts will be tested on the patient's blood

Pathology — more than 500 diagnosis or health risks will be tested on the patient's blood

Risk Evaluation — the patient's blood will be tested for genetic and currents risks

Blood sample taking for NHZ Blood Scan

How do I perform the test?

You will receive from us the blood prick kit, with which you can extract a small blood sample (capillary blood).
Then simply follow the rest of the instructions found inside the  kit.