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Key Speaker Oliver Weiss on stage

Our lifestyle today produce an environment that is like the desert. We eat too much lechon (roast pig).  We drink too much alcohol and soft drinks.  We move not enough and we don’t go out enough.  

In the end, our acid- base in the body is not in balance.  Too much acid, too much oxidation, overweight.”

Oliver Weiss

Medical Director - Limburg, Germany & Cebu, Philippines

Oliver Weiss Clinic Cebu Health Presentation

Weiss Clinic 2nd Health Presentation Event

WEISS CLINIC Cebu would like to thank everyone who joined us for another successful Health Presentation last January 12, 2019 at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu City as our Medical Director Oliver Weiss and Medical Doctor Nicole Ann Sadaya discussed the health advances from Germany that we use in our clinics!

A perfect event to start the year right, to finally take control of your health and life with the theme: “Prevent, Manage, Reverse effects of chronic diseases, naturally”! (Watch our previous Health Presentation here)

The goal of our Health Presentation is to help create awareness and opportunities for Filipinos to widen their treatment choices and health options especially, through natural, holistic medicine.

Oliver Weiss Patient Testimonial Psoriasis

Mr. Pedro Seroy giving his  heartfelt testimony about Weiss Clinic having experienced the Advanced BioCell Therapy and natural therapies against inflammation after being diagnosed of Psoriasis.

“Believe me I observed internal healing and skin renewal process where I believe is continuously going on. This is the approach that my body wants not the band-aid approach. 

Dr. Oliver, Dr. Nicole, and the team, this is my score-card: 

90% reduction of scales in my body. 

70% reduction of the redness due to inflammation. 

0%  assault or attack on my joints, arthritis attack”

Pedro Seroy

Diagnosed with Psoriasis - underwent treatment Against Inflammation 

Cebu, Philippines

Ricardo Castañeda Patient Testimonial Oliver Weiss Clinic BioCell Antiaging

Ricardo Castañeda sharing to everyone his continued trust and satisfaction after having experienced our BioCell Anti-aging therapies and much more.

So without telling you my age, I am saying deep in my heart that after 2 years of treatment with Doc Oliver and his team, I feel 10 years younger. 

And I can do the normal training in the gym, I can exercise well, I can cope up with the stress that is given to me, because i am very hard headed. 

I am very satisfied with what was happened to me.”

Mr. Ricardo Castañeda

Bio Anti-aging Therapy

CEO / Chairman Royale Business Club - Manila, Philippines

During the Health Presentation, a volunteer from the audience was able to experience the advanced holistic diagnostics - NHZ Delta Scan from Weiss Clinic. 

Oliver Weiss discuss NHZ Delta scan to patient to spot cancer

Oliver Weiss showing the volunteer from the audience the delta scan diagnostics

Dr. Nicole Ann Sadaya then discussed with the audience about the NHZ Delta Scan result from the volunteer. She showed how the scan can spot cancer cells at the smallest trace long before conventional medical tests like MRI can detect it. The result also displayed environmental toxins, allergens, parasites, food incompatibilities and many more - for each and every examined organ. From the NHZ Delta scan results and holistic assessment, Weiss Clinic can then advise a patient of the appropriate treatment plan and approach. 

Delta Scan Weiss Clinic Spot cancer

Key speakers discussing the delta Scan with results the volunteer from the audience

Delta blood prick kit

Interested to avail the NHZ Delta Scan & consultation?

Order for an easy home extraction or visit us at our clinic!

Aside from the advanced diagnostics from Germany, the following topics were also shared:  

Advanced BioCell Therapy - A powerful therapy from Germany that allows natural intelligent cell repair and regeneration. 

It has been proven safe and effective to various patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Autoimmune diseases, Acute & chronic inflammatory diseases, Cancer (adjuvant), Anti-aging, Rheumatism, Arthritis and much more. This therapy from Europe has no known side effects and can be administered to children.

Key  Speaker Dr. Nicole Ann Sadaya of Weiss Clinic Cebu

Key Speaker Dr. Nicole Ann Sadaya of Weiss Clinic Cebu

Holistic & Individualized Therapy Packages:

- Diabetes Management (Pre-diabetes, DM type I & II)

- Preventive Treatment (against Cancer cells, immunotherapy)

- Detoxification Therapy (cleansing of vital organs)

- Regenerative Treatment (cell repair & regeneration)

- BioCell Anti-Aging (counteract aging in a natural way)

- Treatment against Inflammation & pain (acute & chronic inflammatory diseases) 

- Weight Management

- Medical BioLifting (instant skin rejuvenation & Face lifting)

Oliver Weiss and Dr. Nicole Ann Sadaya Western and alternative medicine unique collaboration

Weiss Clinic Key Speakers - unique collaboration of alternative and western medicine

Aside from the Holistic Therapy Packages being offered, Naturheil Zentrum Oliver Weiss – Clinics also offer Individualised Therapies according to the unique needs and health condition of their patients. All treatment procedures in the clinic are given by Registered Nurses under the close supervision of a Licensed Medical Doctor. Cebu clinic staffs were highly trained in Germany as well.

Oliver Weiss Key Speaker Health Presentation Cebu

Oliver Weiss entertaining personal questions from audience last January 12, 2019 Health Presentation at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu

Oliver Weiss Clinic Patient Success Testimonial

Weiss Clinic medical team posing with their satisfied patients last January 12, 2019 at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu

This Health Presentation was completely FREE for all attendees! Don’t miss the chance to grab such opportunity next time!

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