Advanced Diagnostics

Chronic illnesses in particular change the way a person lives. They rob the person of the quality of life and take away prospects for the future. And this is exactly where we at Naturheil Zentrum Weiss begin.

Naturheil Zentrum, Oliver Weiss- Wellness Clinics provide specialized and holistic therapies to our patients according to their unique medical condition and diagnostic results. Our clinics are equipped with state of the art modern diagnostic laboratory tools from Europe to provide Holistic diagnosis to our patients.

Many of our patients are inspired with confidence and believe in a better future because of our long-term expertise combined with professionalism, state-of-the art holistic diagnostics and individualized biological medicine. 

Even where conventional medicine reaches its limits, we try to help with our experience, diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. From the whole body scan (NHZ Blood Scan) to the determination of the acid/base environment (BE-T-A test) and specific laboratory diagnostics, we are always looking at the uniqueness of each human being and each condition: to find the adequate therapy for each our patients.